Generally, the FF Creek Sweeps are held the first Saturday in JUNE.  FFEA will be working to coordinate schedules for an official date.  We believe we will again be able to meet in the new building at Floyds Fork Park (as we did in 2009).  This will be the 19th FF Creek Sweep organized by FFEA and working with sponsors.  After merged government in 2003, FFEA has been working with Metro Councilmen Benson and Engel as well as Metro Solid Waste Management and others that are listed on yearly flyers.  If you or your family/friends are interested in going out in a canoe, please email or call 267-6883 to reserve a canoe.  We have a limited number of canoes and request those with canoes bring them.  We also have cleanup on foot and assign designated areas. We begin by having you register between 8:30am - 9am (if you show up late, we can take you to the put-in) as you come to the park on the day of the cleanup.  Next, we have a light breakfast and at 9am and have sponsors speak.  Then we begin departure (after getting bottled water, garbage bags, paddles and life-vests that are all provided) to the put-in where the canoes are located.  Note: each year, we service different segments of Floyds Fork Creek. At the take out, participants are taken back to FF Park for a picnic lunch before departure.  This is fun to tell of what you saw and what you took out of the creek!  It is a good experience for all and a wonderful opportunity to see how beautiful the creek is.  



Largest number of volunteers shows support & love of Floyds Fork Creek!

By Teena Halbig, Co-Chair Floyds Fork Environmental Assn. (FFEA)

Upon hearing the final weight of junk properly disposed of from the 16th Annual Floyds Fork Creek Sweep held on June 2, 2007 was 4.34 TONS, FFEA long-time member and teacher, Linda Harrett, exclaimed, "Great news!! Not that there was sooooo much junk but that it was removed!!!

Additional exciting news:  A record number of 160 volunteers gathered at Floyds Fork Park in Jefferson County near Fisherville on a beautiful Saturday in the early morning.  As young as 3 years old, teens, young adults, and on to nearly 80 years old were eager to help!  Greeted with a complimentary light breakfast, they listened to Dan Jones, Executive Officer of 21st Century Parks.  His new group is spearheading to design 3 major parks (each park to be 400 or more acres) along Floyds Fork Park and are making land acquisitions.  His parents, Betty and David Jones donated $120,000 to build 2 canoe launches: William F. Miles Park and Fisherville (both allow public access to Floyds Fork Creek).

Our annual cleanup is predominately by canoe but others use kayaks and go out on foot to clean the roadways and banks near the stream.  Bags are left near the road for Division of Solid Waste Management to haul off.

Because of the huge crowd this year, we successfully solicited additional funding for more canoes and kayaks, which were provided by Horizon Hoppers. In addition, we asked people to bring their own canoes and kayaks to the event. Sponsors this year are: FFEA, Councilman Stuart Benson, Councilman Robin Engel, Division of Solid Waste Management (DSWM) Brightside, Metro Parks,  Canoe Kentucky, Horizon Hoppers, SunWind Power Systems and individual donations contributed to the great success in 2007.  The newspaper article by Linda Stahl in the Courier-Journal Features section was wonderful!

We are always pleased to have the support of our Councilmen and we appreciate their attendance and help.  A special person to come this year was Bob Schindler.  Bob retireed from his position of Director of Metro Solid Waste Management in December of 2006.  For the first time in 16 straight years he joined us as a volunteer, not a government employee! Many other government employees have assisted for years and do a tremendous amount of work as they help unload the laden canoes and operate machinery needed to cart off items that our superhuman volunteers remove from our waterway.  

After volunteers return, we have a wonderful picnic lunch for them.  This year, we were able to provide the DVD (made by Metro TV) of the Feb. 27, 2007 FF Watershed Roundtable (funded in part by a grant from the USEPA under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act through the Ky. Div. of Water to KWA, Grant #C9994861-03), free bumper stickers, brochures and membership information along with a display of fossils, huge mussel shells (some purple inside), and fossilized coral.

As families departed, one after another said they would be back next year.  Many had never seen the aesthetics and wonders of this magnificent creek.  Some did get to see a lot of car parts, tires, metal, etc. that did not belong there, but along the way, they saw tadpoles, minnows, turtles, crayfish, butterflies, snakes and heard the birds along with many natural wonders that will hopefully be embedded in their minds and hearts for many years the love of Floyds Fork Creek and Corridor.   

          Since 1991, volunteers have removed 92 tons out of Floyds Fork Creek!