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By Teena Halbig 

21st Annual Floyds Fork Creek Sweep Our creek sweep netted 6.4 tons with information on WFPL and in the recent Neighborhoods section of the Courier that was loaded with many photographs, including the front cover. An extra story was about the reporter and his friend Pat who went kayaking on Floyds Fork, overshooting the take out, hiking back to their car only to discover the keys were left in the kayak!  So back to the kayaks and then back to get their vehicle – a trip never to be forgotten! All who participated, helped make this a successful event - thanks for all your help!!! Thanks to Louisville/JeffersonCounty Metro Government, Councilman Robin Engel and Stuart Benson who provided partial funding. Thanks to co-sponsors: CanoeKentucky, Division of Solid Waste Management, Jefferson Animal Hospital Fern Creek,Jefferson County Soil l& Water Conservation District and Long Run Sportsmen’s Club! Thanks to the Humana Group choosing this as a service project. Next year, we will get additional canoes – Teena is already having some success raising additional funds to pay for canoes. If you know of anyone who wants to contribute or any business that might help, please call or email  

The Land Development Code (LDC) is underway and please try to make some of the meetings.  You can get on the email list for notices or call 574-6230 for Michael Hill. There are numerous subcommittees that anyone can become a member of or attend to have input. This input will go to the LDC Committee (14 members and Teena is a member with Mike Farmer as alternate for FFEA). Some meetings are 2-4:30PM and some 10AM to 11:30. These are the standards used in zoning cases and involve Floyds Fork, too. 

June 29 from 5-9PM FFEA will have a booth inClifton onRastetter Avenue.  Anyone who can come to help, please contact Trina Palma - you can sign up for an hour or two... Note:Frankfort Trolley Hop is on this night, too. 

EPA was to return in June re: FF TMDL but no notice as of yet.  

Membership: Thank you for continuing to send in your membership dues! It is still only $15 for an individual and $20 for a family and $50 for a business or organization. 

Landmarks Ordinance - metro council (MC) members of the MC Planning Committee playing  with the public.  2 public hearings only had very few (perhaps 9) speak for adding MC David Yates' amendments whereas all others (maybe 70 or more?) opposed.  Yet MC Vicki Welch was quoted in the Courier to say there is a  "silent majority" for the changes. MC seems to be forcing the public's business to be conducted behind closed doors instead of in the open in committee meetings.  Instead, some "work group" was to meet but the public will be kept in the dark.  These proposed amendments (that keep changing but the public cannot comment on the changes!!!!) will come back to the committee on July 17, Tuesday, at 1:30PM in MC Jon Ackerson's MC Planning & Zoning Committee; he said they will vote on July 17. FFEA opposes the amendments.  FFEA wants to retain the original 40 year old Landmarks Ordinances without amendment changes.  Groups have pushed so these amendments have had to be “tabled” at the past 2 committee meetings and we have been successful to have changes made. After this committee vote on July 17, this will go the the FULL METRO COUNCIL MEETING.  What can you do? Ask to retain the Landmarks Ordinance without amendments.  Send to or the entire Metro Council or any Metro Council Members you know.  



Cordially invites you to attend and hear 

Phil Craft

Kentucky Apiarist, retired

  “The Current Plight of the Honey Bee:

Fact or Fiction?”

 Learn about honey bee biology and the current state honey bees

inKentucky and theUnited States

 August 16, 2012  (Thursday)

 Social Time:   6:30PM - 7PM (snacks & refreshments)

7:00PM announcements

*7:10PM Presentation in Building atFloyds Fork Park*

 Directions: Behind Shell Gas Station at14305 Taylorsville Road,

Turn Right (from Lou./J-town) ontoSouth Pope Lick Road to park and parking lot 

Phil Craft served as theKentucky Dept. of Agriculture’s State Apiarist from 1999 through 2011. He is a graduate ofOberlin College inOhio (BA in biology), and theUniversity ofKentucky (BS in civil engineering). He is a past president and past chairman of the Heartland Apicultural Society, past program chairman of Eastern Apicultural Society, and past president of the Apiary Inspectors of America. A native of the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, he now lives out in the sticks in the Bluegrass Region ofKentucky nearLexington with his family, a very old dog, and some bee hives.  

RSVP: 267-6883 or 

 FFEAMission: Protect, preserve and conserve Floyds Fork Creek and its watershed.

To join FFEA or for other information, contact Co-President Teena Halbig or 267-6883.,  & facebook, twitter and YouTube and twitter FloydsForkEA

 Gaslight Festival Volunteers needed to help in the booth mid-September. Our theme this year is education about bees and the demise of bees and how they help with food and other production. If you have any bee information, please let Trina or Teena know about it. Volunteers, notify Trina of hours you can be in the booth or help set up and/or tear down   

 Peter Bodnar did a wonderful job representing FFEA in a recent follow up meeting with MSD about theSeatonville Road pump station site (Teena sat in on the last few minutes).  We are working to have the site blend in more with the rural character of the area, to obey the FF Development Review Overlay and scenic road.  A green, plastic woven chain link fence is proposed and just perfect for graffiti (just like we photographed graffiti on the same type of fence at the Pope Lick Pump Station).  The landscape plans were marked out by MSD’s CONTRACTOR CONSULTANT ANN RICHARDS who works for LAND DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY. She marked out whole pages of items that were written for this site by Lou. Metro Government’s Landscape Architect.  One item had to do with the ‘street trees’ and then marked through with an “X” and verbiage that read, “ NOT PROVIDING”. We are working to get those 10 trees!!!! and a filtered view.

 Teena Halbig was named one of the Louisville Metro  “Louisville Top Neighbors” and recently had her photo taken by the artist who will put her likeness on a wall onTaylorsville Road

 September 29, 2013, FFEA will hold the First Floyds Fork Healthy 5K Walk.  Mike Farmer is mapping the walk. We will have a dietician speak, etc. Volunteers welcome to help. More later…..  

 Note: If you haven’t renewed dues yet, please do.  We can do so much more with more funds.

If you’ve already paid dues, we also welcome donations.  We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit and will furnish a letter for your donation.  

Ask someone to join FFEA!!!